What Opportunity Has Been Up To in 2018!

Such a great year to remember, such a great atmosphere to stay. But, 2019 is coming my way. Above are several special quotes taken from the people i met in 2018 or so.… Continue reading

Summary Event The 1st World Conference on Creative Economy, Bali

Pada November 2018 lalu, saya akhirnya ke Bali lagi untuk suka-suka sekaligus belajar. Sebenarnya ya enggak nyangka juga, wong awalnya cuma berbekal semangat barangkali dan mencoba peruntungan saja. Ternyata dikasih kesempatan, yasudahlah ya. Walhasil, berangkatlah… Continue reading

Untuk Lelaki di Sepertiga Malam

Kepada seorang lelaki yang seringkali mengkhawatirkanku di setiap lewat jam 22.00 wib. Dialah lelaki yang selalu duduk di sofa sudut ruang tamu karena cemas aku belum berada di rumah. Kepada lelaki yang seringkali… Continue reading

Time to Celebrate Life

Sebenarnya niatnya cuma mau mindahin artikel dari blog sebelah ke wordpress saja. Tapi malah jadinya malas dan lantas malah nulis sesuatu yang terlintas di kepala secara tiba-tiba. Lalu aku iseng ambil handphone dan… Continue reading

Take A Look Around JAXA (Japan Aerospace eXploration Agency) in Ibaraki Perfecture

What first comes to your mind when it comes to talk about aerospace? Maybe you will think about NASA, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, part of the United States government. Maybe not. First… Continue reading

A Private Occasion : Fashion Design Class by Lulu Lutfi Labibi

It was a great opportunity to be chosen as one of the participants of Lulu Lutfi Labibi`s (Lulu) private workshop. Lulu Lutfi Labibi is one of the famous Indonesia designers who live at… Continue reading

Talking About Sapeur: High Class Fashionista in Congo

This Fame Come at Price, Spending a Fortune to Look Like a Million Dollars: “When you dress up, you really are the best, the king of colour. And no one can advise me… Continue reading

Hello Late 20`s

No matter if you start or go along with other people. But, you have to make the decision on your own. Your self driven should be talk louder. (pic: theoldmotor.com) It such a… Continue reading

Life After Business Hour At Coffee Shop: Bring Your Own Electric Plug Terminal

Have you ever catch your deadline by covering all of your tasks at your favorite cafe? Or in a coffee shop where you usually paying your time, shortly, paying for the relaxing space,… Continue reading

Mieke Sahala Hutabarat: Larung Budaya for A Life Balance

One of the ways that can be done to bring back the consciences of Indonesia as a maritime country is by doing Larung Budaya. One of the example is Larung Budaya that entitled… Continue reading