A Private Occasion : Fashion Design Class by Lulu Lutfi Labibi

It was a great opportunity to be chosen as one of the participants of Lulu Lutfi Labibi`s (Lulu) private workshop. Lulu Lutfi Labibi is one of the famous Indonesia designers who live at… Continue reading


This Fame Come at Price, Spending a Fortune to Look Like a Million Dollars: “When you dress up, you really are the best, the king of colour. And no one can advise me… Continue reading

Hello Late 20`s

No matter if you start or go along with other people. But, you have to make the decision on your own. Your self driven should be talk louder. (pic: theoldmotor.com) It such a… Continue reading

Life After Business Hour At Coffee Shop: Bring Your Own Electric Plug Terminal

Have you ever catch your deadline by covering all of your tasks at your favorite cafe? Or in a coffee shop where you usually paying your time, shortly, paying for the relaxing space,… Continue reading

Mieke Sahala Hutabarat: Larung Budaya for A Life Balance

One of the ways that can be done to bring back the consciences of Indonesia as a maritime country is by doing Larung Budaya. One of the example is Larung Budaya that entitled… Continue reading

Short Review About SKYE Bar and Restaurant, Jakarta : Indonesia`s Highest Restaurant

I`m sure people who love to spend their free time for hang out in social lounge, I.e roof top restaurant, bar, or something like that, have already know about this place, SKYE. It… Continue reading

IMO : Top 6 Fall and Winter Outfits!

  Fall is coming, and then winter is yet to come. New season calls for new trends, and you’ll want to show off all your new of the moment pieces that you just… Continue reading

Me Likey: Some Inspiration of Wall Plate Design

When I get into a room, I will get the best feeling when there are a plenty of wall plate. They are so versatile, and can be used in almost any style of… Continue reading

Plane: A Thing to Beat Depression (Singapore Air Show 2014)

Plane. This is the simplest and most important thing you could love to beat depression, at least in my perspective. The stigma of depression, plus feelings of guilt and inadequacy, can get in… Continue reading

Damn I`m Fallin` in Love with Tegel Kunci

Do you know about Tegel Kunci? This is one of the unique things that you could find in Yogyakarta and the factory already establish since 1927 and strated operated in 16 Desember 1929… Continue reading

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    "Berkarya dalam desain baju itu berusaha menciptakan identitas dengan menemukan moodboard yang sesuai dengan diri kita: tone, taste, dan karakter. Karena merancang sebuah busana itu berkaitan erat dengan kepribadian dan seperti merancang bangunan atau tempat. Dalam membuat sketsa, bisa pergunakan yg simpel dan basic, sret, sret, sret aja udah. Tp matangkan banget di proses dan produksinya nanti," kata Lulu Lutfi Labibi dalam sebuah
private workshop. Thank you for the opportunity mas @lululutfilabibi
It means a lot!
Story on my blog : viniainiv.wordpress.com
#randomsketch #amatiran #clothes #design #clothesdesign #indonesia #kebaya #kebayadesign #brocade #inspiration #accessories #clothing Koridor rektorat jaman now. Masih enggak berubah dari pertama menginjakkan kaki. Cuma sekarang ruangan2nya lebih rapi. Yang membedakan hanya kalau melintas di sini pas pagi dan malam hari aja...sih
#heritage #gedung #heritage #Indonesia #pesonaindonesia #jogja #yogyakarta #yogya #culture #instapict #picoftheday #saturday Classic. 
Bangunan Kantor Pusat UGM diresmikan oleh Presiden Soekarno dan saat itu konon dianggap sebagai bangunan modern pertama di Indonesia. Hingga saat ini fungsinya pun masih sama yakni sebagai Kantor Pusat (Rektorat) kampus. Ayo siapa yg dulu suka wi-fian gratis di sini??
Seringkali jg banyak cerita berseliweran yang terdengar soal gedung ini. Seperti 'Udah malam, apa udah tahu?'
#heritage #gedung #heritage #Indonesia #pesonaindonesia #jogja #yogyakarta #yogya #culture #instapict #picoftheday #saturday Another heroin and imboost, though
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#travel #tourism #sukuhtemple #explorejava #centraljava #semarang #pesonaindonesia #indonesia #sukuh #karanganyar #temple #throwbacksunday #panorama #scenery #nature
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