ASEAN COMMUNITY : So What Are You Stand For?


So, what are you stand for? Asean (Association of South East Asian Nation), firstly knowed by reading a book in the junior or senior high school. So that, many people in their opinion, make a judgement, Asean just talk about politics, about the formal testament which is signature by delegates on the table. But now, Asean is start to appear their position. It`s young generation`s job to do something to make Asean`s mission comes true.

Young generation, which is having strength, spirit, courage, and skills, more capable to make their country challenge with other country. It`s needed to country which happened multi dimentional crisist, like Indonesia. Young generation are capable to play a role to many kinds aspect such like economy, politics, social, and culture. Now, some industries are showing their authority, especially economy industry. It`s time for young generation to showing their skill to maximize resources. They also make unemployment get a new job. So that, they can become a person who increasing field of work, it`s called entrepreneur, with entrepreneurship to all the aspect. An entrepreneur can using the public service, industries, economy, tourism, and others as field of work.


In tourism, for example, selling tourist package, offering tour village, become a tourist guide, are the examples of entrepreneurship in the field of tourism. Entrepreneurship is not tell us about the work, but it tell for us about the soul. And it have many advantages to our country. Besides preparing field of work to unemployment, enterpreneur can increasing the national income of our country. It`s also make our country have a good position, resulting a lot of which consist of service and not service, which is using to do the activity daily.

It`s the time for young generation showing their capability to explore the national resources that can make Indonesia more competitive with others. Beside that, it`s also showing to all the world, in fact, Indonesia not only have many resources, but also keeping and maximizing to increasing the national income and open many field of work. Building the asean community 2015 is not easy like to turn the hand. We, especially the young generation, need to introducing our country to all the people in the world, include the member of Asean. And, in my opinion, be an entrepreneur is a way to make our country more competitive to challenge with other country.

Why? The assean community, of course, will be a place which each the member of Asean do some activity to introducing each country. The result from entrepreneurship activity will be a value to showing that our country is capable, capable to maximize the role of young generation to solving the problems of our country. And also, the national building of Indonesia can be faster and faster, so that, Indonesia can being a strong country to accept new situation, include in the assosiation of Asean. The young generation can comrade in all aspect. So, what are you waiting for?

Young Generation

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