Amanjiwo Hotel : A Merging Atmosphere Between Borobudur Temple and Java

Have you ever hear Amanjiwo Hotel and Resort which is located in Magelang , Central Java Province? Well, a few months ago, i got a chance to visit Amanjiwo and see how the hotel management arrange the natural hotel concept.

Amanjiwo (peaceful soul) Hotel and Resort is one of the luxuries resort in the world. It only has 36 rooms and located in the Bukit Menoreh, Magelang, Borobudur, just about 4km from the Borobudur Temple.  During the journey to the hotel, you can see the life of indigenous of Indonesian society. Therefore, on can see the field and courtyard garden on left and right, either. Understandably, the location of the hotel is hiding in the middle of the countryside.

amanjiwo hotel3

The rate is starting from U$D 650 per night for regular room, but reach U$D 3000 for the VIP room. _Many literature told that David Beckham have ever been here, in VIP room_ . I dont know whether if is right or wrong.  😀

Mostly, the interior architecture is created from natural stone which is seems like a great and gorgeous pualam, the color was bright yellow and looks so wonderful. The styles of the bathroom is using natural concept, with old-tricky-classic  decoration. What a wonderful.


When you enter to the main hall where the restaurant located in, you can see 180 degrees in front of you, is the Stupa of Borobudur. You will feel a beautiful atmosphere. Having meal with great scenery around you. See how the natural will provide you a comfortableness.

Then, i entered one of the regular rooms. What i got? I just can say `wow. The room was no bigger than the room in five star hotel that we usually meet. The room just simple, so touchy, suitable for those of you who is wanting to have a relaxation. The facilities of the room is consist of one double bed, one bathroom, one pantry, and also one gazebo for enjoying the day from the outside. There`s no electronical instrument, include TV, radio, etc, except telephone. Truly natural. And i think, this is a special value in this hotel. Amanjiwo offering a beautiful scenery, natural, and relaxation. That`s why people come from all over the world just in case for stayed and wasting the day. Just for relaxation. As suits of it is name, Amanjiwo (peaceful soul). Oohh…and for your info, there`s no door for the entry of the room. Just a standing stone and there was a room number. The door is just located in the main bedroom and the bathroom.

Here it is the picture from the magazine :


This is me, in the same place like above :

Amanjiwo on afternoon

Amanjiwo on afternoon

The located of the VIP room is separated with the main building. The VIP is located 500 meters besides the main building. It has a private swimming pool, car pool, access for cycling, and private room service. This rate of this VIP room is the most expensive than regular, its about U$D 3000/night. But, i feel disappointed when the room service told that the VIP room was booked on that day, so i can`t took some picture documentation.

Once more, before i forget, just for your information that Hotel building was built by using the philosophy of the Borobudur temple. The hotel`s shape when viewed from above is a half circle with several level stairs that made from high to low, as punden. Each ladder is consists of 10 rooms. For the main hall is the main building in the form of lobby, main hall, restaurant, and also the front office, which mimics like the main Stupa  which is the culmination of Borobudur Temple.

amanjiwo hotel2

And i`m hereeee 😀 No expression.. hahaha


Its a great hotel i think. Even, The Sunday Times Travel Magazine, UK ever crowned as this Hotel for The 100 Best Hotels in the World. Not only that, The 2010 Gallivanter’s Awards for Excellence
also crowned this Hotel for Number 3 Best Resorts in South East Asia. I think that was an great enough experience, a great chance to visiting one of the top resort in the world. I also feel so blessed, `cause i`m still can feel a good relaxation from my private bedroom. And its free, do not have to pay U$D 600. Hahaha

See you  here! Greeting from me and my friends. Voila!

aman barengP.S : Look at the uniformof the hotel`s employee… its so soooo simple  😀

July 19th, 2013

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