They are SQ Girls, Well..Impeccably Groomed

“Excuse me, we have 2 types for lunch menu. Which one do you prefer ? The Salmon with egg or roasted beef with baked potatoes?,” She said and smile at me.

With friendly faces and bright lipstick, she carefully pushed trolley and offers the menu to passengers . Their batik patterned is Malaysian which designed by Pierre Balmain since 1968. Their uniform always looks bright and able to make them look more attractive. Red nail polish also never missed to decorate their nails. For the hair, a French Twist bun that shaped like a croissant cake add an aura of elegant and classy.Yeah, that’s them, the SQ Girls. They are the air stewardess of Singapore Airlines (SIA). But, i am not going to discuss the progress of their business here by the way….

Well, i do love this airline. I like the way how this airline can create their crew as a whole package and as a proud ambassador. On the other hand, there are only two airlines that could fascinated me so far, SIA and GA (Ina national flag carrier). But, on this topic I will discuss what we called it with ‘singaporean`s proud’, SIA.

SIA is a world class airline, a 5 star airline and has already join into Sky Team. With the tagline The World`s Most Awarded Airlines, SIA is able to align with the other international airlines , e.g Emirates, Cathay, Lufthansa, JAL, KLM, Air France, and so on.

The cabin crew of this airline always give good services. The facilities also awesome and and the livery, though. The combination between blue and yellow looks great. He qualities of the crew service is caused by the management mindset. All the crews must undergo job training phase, beauty class, table manner, appearance, greeting. I like the way they walk, offering food, serving guests, or their steel blue eye shadow seems glowing when they give a smile to us. I do really love it .

Below is a picture about their initial appearance in the past (1990’s)

SQ Girls, batch 109

SQ Girls,Batch 110

SIA has been hiring foreign staff for a while now so it’s no secret, though they still insist on keeping the ‘Singapore Girl’ moniker.  As of April 2013, 7 out of 10 cabin crew are locals, with Malaysians, Thais, Chinese, Indians, Japanese and Koreans making up the numbers.

And now, with the body-hugging, ‘impractical kebaya’ still remaining as the signature icon of our Singapore Girl, I’m not sure how this ‘toning down’ of makeup is in any way a ‘makeover’. It’s like trimming your eyebrows or piercing a new earhole and declaring that you’re a ‘new you’. Singapore Girls still bun up their hair, waddle around gingerly.

And why do i still adore SQ Girls? This in the several answers.

1 . Pierre Balmain Batik uniform
As discussed earlier , this is a typical uniform uniform ‘ SQ Girls ‘ since 1968 . Pierre Balmain is someone who designed this uniform in 1968. Look at how uniform it looks classy and capable of being a way to establish the identity of the airline . There are several levels of kebaya according to the position in cabin, green, blue, purple, red orange artificial.


2 . Red nail polish and red lipstick
Two things that do not missed  to complete their appearance is maroon red nail polish and lipstick. Red makes them look more elegant and capable of emitting the natural beauty of Asian women. Effortless Beauty .

Red lipstick and nail polish

Red lipstick and nail polish

The show must go on

3 . Batik shoes
One package. Yeah. That’s one word to describe the external appearance of the SQ Girls. Their shoes designed by color and the same style with the batik uniform, be their constant companion during a stint at the top of the cabin. A low heel also made for them to walk and move easier. Though Singapore’s crew members now wear closed-toed shoes during takeoff and landing, they switch to the brand’s unmistakable batik sandals at other times. I`m fault to take picture of the shoes. But i got a picture for their latest sandals from the internet.

the sandals type

4 . Croissant bun
Almost the same as the GA, the SQ Girls with their hair styling methods called ‘ Croissant Bun ‘, or commonly referred to French Twist. Oh yeah, as i know, they often use natural hairspray from tea water, filter it and then putting it in a spray bottle. And a day later, its ready to use for hairspray.

i love her beauty! (my candid camera works)When i took a flight with SIA from Surabaya to Singapore, i noticed that there was a beautiful SQ Girl in front of me.
I do love her beauty.

5 . Pen and paper
The uniform looks simple, but obviously, it also equipped with a small pocket on the right and left skirt to keeping a small notes titled Singapore Airlines and also one pen. This two small objects are seems extremely important. And probably they were the only stewardesses in the world who wear slippers during work.

6 . White pearl earrings
I like this part. To support the appearance, simple accessories that seem mandatory for the SQ Girls are pearl earrings. It is very fitting when combined with their batik uniforms, French twist bun, peach maroon lipstick, eye shadow with bright or steel blue color, and fresh blush on.

7. Steel Blue Eye Shadow

The SQ Girls has junked her bright blue eyeshadow for a more subtle and modern look. She is still immaculate in her body-hugging signature kebaya with her hair nicely done, but the colours on her face are less striking.

Oh, i tell you, in her first major makeover in more than a decade, the iconic Singapore Airlines (SIA) Girl is sticking to blue, green, plum and brown eye make-up, and red lipstick to complement the colours of her kebaya. But the tones and shades are more subtle than before and trendier. When they embarked on this project with long-time grooming partner Lancome, they took into account feedback from some customers that the previous colours seemed to be on the strong side.

And one more thing we could conclude is : Wearing a blue outfit with blue make-up is very 80s. You can keep the blue but it should not be too much and it should be blended with other shades to create a more natural look.

Here it goes, the SQ Girl appearance now with or without croissant bun. A natural beauty.

SQ Girl Appearance by Now

the beauty

Last but not least, i have a chance to take a picture with them.

Me with the SQ Cabin Crew

That was a bit story about a Singaporean airplane heroes. Have you prepared to become a SQ Girl?






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