Absofuckinglutely Things Called United Kingdom!

Someday, I hope someday , I will arrive at the queen`s country , England ! United Kingdom ! Yeah , yeah , yeah . For me, this country always looks very  classy and attractive . Many people consider that English is bored, just because the building looks uniform, formal people style, rigid life , and have expensive cost of living. Oh wow , but its different for me.
One more thing , in my opinion , the people is always keeping their history . Especially, they are good at keeping the cultural building. I also like the pronounciation and the accent when their people speak up. Oh, the vintage style very attractive in my eyes as well. Even, those high street fashion kicking a big attention of the worldwide . The following are objects or things that make me want to get there one day.
1 . The Red Telephone
This phone can be easily found across the UK . Another distinctive feature of this phone kiosk is the epitome of the existing crown on the top. The crown is designed by St . Edward ‘s Crown , one of the old coronation crown in United Kingdom.

red telephone box (handheldusability.wordpress.com).jpg-712832

2 . Black Cab Taxi / Hackney Carriage
Why do i love it ? The shape is very classy and vintage . Just by looking at it , it feels like you feel feel time spinning back to the 1980’s , where the nobles dress like juliette . The model still retains the old form used since 1958 , namely the fairway ( The FX4 ) . If you want to be a driver for that taxi, you must pass a test called ‘ The knowledge ‘ first. Hahaha

black cab (blogs.telegraph.co.uk).jpg-703826

3 . Queen`s Guard
When i was child  , i like to eat the crackers where the picture of the queen`s are in. Yep , in my country, the Monde brands is biscuits which covered with logo of English warrior . I always ask my father , why their hair is frizzy ? Then my father said , if i wanted to know more , one day I should be able to get there . From since then, the biscuits became my favorite biscuits, until today. I always liked their tunc red uniform and a tall black hat called Bearskin, or shortly, a ‘frizzy hair’.



My favorite biscuits


Here it is

4 . The Red Bus / Double – Decker
I admire decker bus while visiting Solo city, in Central Java, Indonesia when i was 9 years old . I surprised how come one driver can controlled two floors instead. When I read the article about the UK , I also found the same thing , the double-decker bus with a distinctive red color . The average height of the bus is 4.8 meters . In addition to transporting passengers , these buses are also often used for touring in some areas of UK .

double decker (www.123rf.com).jpg-709297


The solo decker-bus, Central Java

5 . Big Ben

Well, i always wanted to take a selfie photos in front of this clock, which is located in Westminster Palace. Big Ben is the biggest clock in the world and can be seen from four sides . This clock also well known as a clock tower which is also became 3rd for the highest clock in the world . The design is very artistic , glamorous vintage, and very British . Owgawd!!!


6 . Tea Tradition
I like to drink tea , and apparently, in the UK there is a tradition called  ‘Afternoon Tea’ at several time, and that was the most famous one. The procedure of this event is so elegant and also not arbitrary . They usually using a black tea that served in a teapot . You do not allowed to raised your little finger when holding the cup because it is impolite .


7 . Mr.Bean
I always saw this parody ever since I was 7 years old . I think Rowan Atkinson is a great actor who is having a high comedian skill and totally understand for every detail in acting.


8 . British police helmet / Custodian Helmet
This helmet is made of cork and wool lined strap comes in chin ( chinstrap ) make it more secure when facing unrest . The badge logis  on the front helmet symbolizes the unity of the origin/corps .

custodian helmet (www.geochacing.com).jpg-710837

9 . OASIS, Coldplay, and Beatles
At first glance, the music is similar, but for several songs , their songs looks more touchy and meaningfull.  Love it! Such like everlasting bands for any generation!




10 . British royal hat
I love the elegant and chic style, or, a simply elegant fashion. And it can all be found in an British style of dressing. I do love their High Street Fashion style that always chic and eye catching.  And this is the several example of hat design, wearing by the Dutchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.


11 . Alexander McQueen
I love all the designs by Alexander McQueen . The couture is very smooth and original!!


12. Downing Street

Or commonly known as Number 10, is the official residence of British prime minister more than 200 years. Very classic and so elegant. Its located in the highway of Whitehall, City of Westminster, London. Its near from the Buckingham Palace, Parliament Building,  and Big Ben.


Ow yeah, the Union Jack, The national flag carrier, for the three color, Red, white, and Blue also being a world icon for several product and design. Welldone!

GOD ALWAYS SAVE THE QUEEN!  Just believe the power of your dreams and make it Happen! UK i`m coming!!