Rocking Cambodia : My First Impression

….there ain’t no journey that don’t give you some..

Whatever you want to called it, travel or journey. Both of that is a part of education. Travel tells us about the value of a life. See the world, a culture, people, custom, habit, with many perspective. We can learn soooo many things that we don’t got it from the school. We also can get experience anda whatsoever, which is called self-contemplation. I doooooo love travel so much.

In this world, IMO, i hope that i can feel the atmosphere as long as i can. See how the people speak with other language. Why the way of life in every country have a differences, or how do the culture give us some histories and colours.

I did some travelling activity in my last 2 years. Its such like wonderful memory to share with others. I went to five countries in South East Asia, which the one of them is Cambodia, especially the district of Siem Reap. Im just arrived safely in Siem Reap by bus throughout from Aranyaphratet-Poipet.


I felt  a different atmosphere there. Soo much casino building along the way, seems like a mini Las Vegas. Surrounding the casino, there are many exclusive villa that offer special package but of course with special price. Oh, please dont think that im stayed in one of that villa. No, i just pick some middle-rate villa with funny name : No Problem Villa!!260385_1971012189112_3879799_n

See? Is it funny, right?

I also seen,  how the Cambodian`s people still love to eating their national food which is called Sticky Rice. In some part of the country, still capable to build such Rumah Panggung, a traditional house of Cambodia.

In the other hand, Siem Reap give me a classic story.But, i feel so sad beacuse i cant have a lot of time to spending one more night in siem reap. Beacuse of that, i can`t visit the Siem Reap icon : The Angkor Wat!! That temple is sooo well-known all over the world because it use for film shoot. Yarp! That film is Tom Raider 1. Hmmm… i cant stop to thinking about it. But, last year, i`ve been kicked my disappoinment. There be a man visited Angkor Wat in last November 2012 and that was my father. Yeah, he was the man. And here it is the picture of Angkor Wat which is having greaaaaattt architecture. Every corner can tells us a story.


I also seen,  how the Cambodian`s people still love to eating their national food which is called Sticky Rice. In Indonesia, is like a ‘ketan putih’ adding with some natural ingredients.



In some part of the country, still capable to build such `Rumah Panggung`, a traditional house of Cambodia. I passed the Siem Reap to go to the Phnom Penh in next day. What what i`ve seen? As far as i know, there are many red soil and stepa in my left and right. Oooh, me and my friends scared if we take the wrong way. But, absolutely not, because we hear some explanation from my Cambodia`s friends, Ke Sophorn. We hear that we have been visited a village district in the middle of the country. Owh, i actually realize that the wealth is not covering all the part of the country. Uuhhh. Maybe that condition is as same as with ours –Indonesia- ?? hehe

Last but not least, there so many picture that i also collect it from my friends camera. Yes,  its a must. We have to take a great number of photos. Our travel will not complete if we don`t collect any picture during the journey. Here it is, you can see the beautiful about the collaboration of culture, architecture, atmosphere, and the soul of the journey. Exploring Cambodia. Xoxo.