My new significant addict! (Priyo Oktaviano Project)

A cloth is able to reflect one’s image . There’s an old saying that do not judge a person from his clothes . I think the sentence is ambiguous . How not? When someone met someone new , 30-second of first impression is the appearance . And it could be, it determines for the next introduction . Well , non- verbal communication is one connecting factor between the human communication process , and i think, fashion is one of them .
But, i’m not going to talk at length about the fashion industry overseas or in the homeland . As we knw, fashion industry is growing very rapidly up to this moment . But I still fell in love with one of Indonesia’s wealth , tenun ikat ! ( im still write it in Bahasa). Hellyeah , Indonesia also has a foundation in fact named Cita Tenun Indoneisia ( CTI ) and in cooperation with Garuda Indonesia and a Indonesia`s famous designer that became my idol . Yup , his name is Priyo Oktaviano .
Oh yeah , there`s a little picture for you , ikat is a fabric or kriya Indonesia in the form of a woven fabric or weft strands of warp yarn which previously tied and dipped in natural dyes . Loom is used loom machines ( Lurik ). Tenun ikat can be sewn to clothing and clothing , upholstery furniture , or interior decorator .
Aaaaand … you know , Priyo Oktaviano is one of the designers who towed by CTI to design a fashion masterpiece with woven materials . Hear it already imagine how the beauty of Indonesia can be radiated from the hands of a top Indonesian designer . Check this one out !


the other side

the behind

do love catwalk


As you know, Priyo Oktaviano is someone who is never give up to catch his dream. Graduating with great recommendation from Esmod Paris in 2001, Priyo Oktaviano started his grand fashion adventure at the House of Balenciaga Paris. Working in a couture house didn’t hinder the talented designer from pursuing his own name. Priyo was a finalist in the prestigious Concours CISEAUX WIZO au Bains Douches-Paris and Concours Jeunes Createurs 2001 Pronuptia Paris.

In 2002, he was awarded the 4th Place in European Competition for Textile and Fashion Design of the Region APOLDA 2002-Germany and won 1st place in exchange designer category. In 2008, he joined Yayasan Cita Tenun Indonesia, an organization committed to preserve as well as to develop the heritage of Indonesian woven textiles. Priyo’s modern sense of style brings everything to a whole new dimension. Bright and trendy with unusual cutting and silhouette.

The truly asian influence are hard to miss in the details, reminiscent of the old culture, while is pops of color defines everything in a today’s perspective. A true feast of the eyes. Priyo’s collection proves that hand woven craft transcends generation and culture. He was awarded as Indonesian Fashion Designer of The Year in ELLE Awards 2009 last March, in conjunction with ELLE Indonesia 1st Anniversary.

And the thing I like most is that he was born in Kediri and still not forget the culture of his birthplace. Unique side of him is always bring great white suitcase each to go abroad or various places. When passing through security check at the immigration, he always asks the clerk to put the country’s immigration stamp in his trunk as a marker that he had visited the country. This method was later adopted by some Indonesian celebrities.

Here it goes. Its the other designs.

other design

other design

other design

10 - Copy

Soo … unique then. I think i do love his every project. For further info and picture, it can be seen in his own website:

I do love all his creation. I do love his project and portfolio.