Wattaya Think About …………This??


You know, this paper is not to respond to the dispute between Indonesia and Australia that are now hot going . I just want to tell you one thing . It’s nothing , just for the just for fun . Not talk about things or experiences , it just describe someone who impressed me. Just start with the words : Charming. Smart. Fashionable . Modern – edgy – chic, Simple but classy glamor. Haha.

I think that’s my contention to figure this one man .  Can you guess it? Of course you can. You already see the picture. haha. Yeah . He was Indonesia Foreign Minister named Marty Natalegawa,  Full named, Raden Muhammad Marty Muliana Natalegawa.

I do not know anything about politics or the world swirl around it. I just commented on himself as a layman and citizens who see the minister in a lot of medias.
And i thought, he is the most fashionable and charming minister that Indonesia ever had . Ha – ha – ha. : D That sentece does not mean that the other ministers are not charming.  😀


I just had a sense and i know my sense  is good. And i also know that Marty will be fascinate a lot of womanhood, including me .
Not only smart, Marty also looked very smart and very elegant in his each expression. Even, his accent is very diplomatic, and that can adding value in negotiating process . He never responded to cheesy criticism and he are not belonging to the political party.(And I hope it will not happen). He also had a lot of collection of glasses with unique shape. Thats pretty cool.

marty 3

Well. This 53 yo man has fascinated me since he was as ambassador to the Republic of Indonesia in the United Kingdom far away behind. Its long ago before he appears frequently on television as in this moment.


Let`s rawks, baby ! He is sooooo real hunkkk !