There`s Always Be Another Country

” Sorry i have not had time to join yet, these days there are so many affairs , ” That was the content of a message from him at that time . Well, at that time , me and him were in the same group according to the island cluster and assigned to make a group presentation . We met in an opportunity, a youth exchange program with our neighbor country, Malaysia.

Ah , i know . Our meetings have already outlined in our life by the God, yes,  in the book of life . I’m always remember what the time is on my mind when we first met him, August 19, 2013 . And i never know , there is a plan of what the universe brought us together.

With a smile and a distinctive look on his face , he greeted me and drag a chair, then sat down at the table beside me . While eating , we were told about Jakarta. About how he spent time playing in the capital city, about the adventures and stories while wandering. Also about how the government of Jakarta build Menteng area , a place where he lived and where i often visit my nephew and some relations.

I knew how he always keeps all the souvenirs delegates, which is that ‘s my job . He also was the one who always unloading souvenir and faithfully carry it from one plane to another plane . He always makes sure that everything is carried away, there should not be left behind. Indeed , as the logistics division , he has a job description to ensure all the goods not left behind .

Now i do not know any story we’ve ever had together. Well, we finally separated  at the airport of  SOETTA on Sept 5th, 2013 . I was one who got the last flight schedules. Just me, several people, including himself . He was told me shortly before the plane departed, he told me that he wanted to drop in to the land of my birth, Yogyakarta , and said that he really wanted. I also agreed and said that i would be waiting for him.

A month has gone, and then two months passed. My hometown been waiting , long , perhaps too long . But soon i met his figure is also not in my town yet. And it turns out i did not have another chance to meet him …….again. Yeah, i won`t meet him again. He already chose another city.  A better city than Yogyakarta .

With him , i ever sang a song together, a silly songs that we created with our other friends  during the program. We ever proudly  present the national anthem in another country . We also ever wear the same greatnesses, the Garuda on the head . Bringing the country’s name together in the shoulder and the fragrance in the inner flap .



Thank you , Hamsy Ishak…..

Thank you for all the stories  in our brief  introduction . For all the hassles and your responsibility during the program . For all the cooperation and zeal which you have transmitted to us . I will always keep he thumbnail of Monas and a pen with title ‘ Jakarta ‘ from you. I will always carving all of your stories , until there`s no time, until the time is fade away.

I never understood the God’s plan. But believe it, that is always a good plan. Memories with you will be imprinted . And then i tell it as a story to my later grandson.

The Indonesian flag is still yours, man . Trust me ! You`ve gone with brang the name of this nation . We send prayers from this planet, along with the faint of  Indonesia Raya song that we ever sang together on one stage . You`ve  accompanied by the chirping of birds in Bromo , a gentle breeze at the KL airport that welcoming us at that time . Also with the sombering of a wet dew and also the children laughter surrounding Sri Ledang . We will be missing you. Universe will remember you in all seasons. Indonesia will be proud because you are one of the sirens of a new struggle .

Should we say Goodbye for this moment? I tell you that i don`t want to say goodbye . Good bye may seem forever . Farewell is like the end , but in my heart is the memory and there you will always be . I believe that’s one of the good bye bullshitiest words ever invented . It’s not like you’re given the choice to say bad – bye , or awful – bye , or could not – care -less – about – you- bye . Every time you leave , it’s supposed to be a good one .

Our souls are connected . Maybe they always have been and will be . Maybe we’ve lived a thousand lives before this one and in each of them we’ve found each other . And maybe each time , we’ve been forced apart for the same but could be better . That means that this goodbye is both a goodbye for the past ten thousand years and a prelude to what will come .

Hamsy Ishak, see you again in another country .