The Journey Miles Begin with One Step (Indonesia – Malaysia Youth Exchange Program) _Part 2_

I always remember the date and the time. That day, Saturday, August 24th, 2013, Malaysian delegation was come and join the Indonesian delegation to undergo phase in Jakarta . We had moved from Hang Jebat , South Jakarta , and then stay at the Grand Cemara Hotel, Menteng , Central Jakarta. I`m feeling excited and also curious to envelop our minds throughout the day. Well, actually, the program has already started. It’s no longer training as it usual. The responsibilities as ambassadors of this countries already start, we bought it upon our both shoulder.

Even until today, it is still clear in my mind, how we did some lil ceremonial to welcome all Malaysian delegations at that time . Not much that we did, but we strive to always deliver the best. A various slogans and words of encouragement we have prepared another matter , for their reception. Here is the song:

Welcome our brother and sister, we are IMYEP 2013

Let’s give our best smile and please great them well

Welcome our brothers and sisters….

Lets give our best smile...

Lets give our best smile…

We serve our best greeeting

We serve our best greeting

When we have great friends like this. So..who need enemies? _CK_

When we have great friends like this. So..who need enemies? _CK_

Previously, the room where we stayed has been divided in such a way to be able to mingle with delegates from Malaysia . I`m challenged enough to find out who my room mate are, what kind of her job, and how to communicate. And hell yeah, and then finally i knew she is.  But , it turns out that she’s a good woman , so touchy , and i think she’s soft . Her name is Khaw Hui Leng, she was my first roommate, and stayed  in room numbered 438. And obviously, she is an environmentalist. And you know what? For me, she was a very intense environmentalists. Here it is the first encounter i had with her, in the lobby of the hotel . She is sweet, here is the pic.


Every one of us also has a roommate, respectively . Well , it is one great way to bring us an Indonesian – Malaysian delegation .
Although our acquaintance was brief,  there is always a value in every introduction with someone new. Thats why i really appreciate to know someone new. I think that everybody is a teacher, right?

Night moved faster and faster, its like that we own the night. It also does not mean we let and spend the night away. Theres a lil agenda was held on the fifth floor of the hotel. We held a celebration of the opening Ceremony and welcome to the delegation of Malaysia in Indonesia . Cik Muhammad Qayyum as the Malaysia National Leader and Mr. Esa Sukmawijaya as also Indonesia National Leader, was introduced each member of the delegations respectively. The Kapal Pinisi (From Asbi)and Miniature of Traditional House from East Kalimantan (from Hairul) became souvenirs that given at the end of the event by the Indonesian delegation to the Malaysian delegation. Here it goes the first photo between us.

We meet as a stranger we leave as a friend

We meet as a stranger we leave as a friend

Oh, i forget to told you, that i became the person in charge who all the souvenirs delegates. So that, i had to arrange it and dividing all the souvenirs. Including, how to make sure that all the souvenir bring to the Malaysia.

Well, not only that . We also got opportunity to get closer each other through games that quite entertaining. For me , this is a moment that we called it with Harmony in Diversity. When all the diversity can be mixed with laughter and took off , that’s when we ‘ll know that friendship does not recognize boundaries. Hey, i also got a buddy form Malaysia, her full name is Hawa Mas Aswar Ahmad, but i call her, Hawa. For your information, each of Indonesian Delegates had to accompanying one buddy from Malaysia.

We already break the boundaries

We already break the boundaries

Smile, like you never know what kind of sadness

Smile, like you never know what kind of sadness

Late evening , we are not directly to took a sleep and create a beautiful dreams, a wishful dream, including me and my roommate , Leng . We told about anything about life, the daily grind, or how we can arrive at the same point. Wow. Indeed , we are from different countries, from different customs and habits too . But our conversation in room 438 feels like a warm conversation between siblings, who has a dozen years living together. And you know what ? That’s what i called it, a new family. And we are ready welcoming another exciting things tomorrow. Hello Jakarta!  We are ready to explore more !

Sunday, August 25, 2013
On the next day,  a stagnation of Jakarta didn`t make us being lazy to continue the agenda on that day . Early in the morning , we checked out of the hotel Grand Cemara and continue the journey to the Monas, a National Monument and Museum Gadjah nearby. Some of us even busy taking pictures together with Ondel – Ondel, a traditional icon of Jakarta City which is often found surrounding the monument. And oh, for this time, we had to accompany our buddy to travel around Jakarta. In term, became a short tour guide during the tour.

The atmosphere look more festive for at that moment. There was held an event, a Fun Running. Its an implementation of charity and which was followed by several neighboring countries for Indonesian Independence Day commemoration . Well, i do really appreciate how the people participate to celebrate our Independence Day.

I see many things that have never seen before. About how the boundaries of a country is no longer visible to us who can appreciate each other. Oh wow , maybe its very hard and difficult when talking about state boundaries as well. Hehe . But trust me, i feel that we are really one family.

When we were in front of Museum Gadjah, nearby Monas

When we were in front of Museum Gadjah, nearby Monas

Our friendship soaring into the sky

Our friendship soaring into the sky

As i said before, we are superheroes!

As i said before, we are superheroes!

The sun was increase, but, nevertheless, it didn’t made ​​us lazy to move on, because the next destination is to the shopping center, Thamrin City. Thamrin City is a mall which had concept of the shopping center is a collection of small outlets stores that offer price with ` bit ‘ tilted , especially clothing.

Quite worth it as well , it’s just, must be smart to choose . Oh, about the clothing , as long as you have money , from local products to Gucci or Ferragamo, even can be had easier . However , these branded brands will not be found in Thamrin City . Hahaha.

After that, when we already finish shoppping in  Thamrin City, we immediately proceeded heading off to the Soekarno Hatta International Airport ( SHIA ) at 2:30 pm. The ride was not too long , because of the Sedyatmo highway was relatively quiet, so  the bus driver could drove smoothly. This is us when we waiting for check-in.



Dwiemon.Cak.Geb2.Maxxxi (are you wit me?)

Dwiemon.Cak.Geb2.Maxxxi (are you wit me?). Surely, Charles Darwin would proud of you.(haha)

The ticket. Our Indonesian Flag Carrier, it may same with us, hehe


I love the sunset touching down the earth. When once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turn skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return... -Leonardo Da Vinci-

I love the sunset touching down the earth. When once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turn skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return… -Leonardo Da Vinci-

Well , this is actually the beginning of our trip. The program has just begun . This is when the task is also very proud country . Alumni of our program we took off with full emotion . Well , and we promise , we will tear it paid off with our task well .
All right . This is the time we must put aside all personal affairs , all the prejudice that would only interfere with our thoughts and activities. We just want this trip will become immortal . Because we are sure that we could perform this duty well. And yeah , we just plane take off at 6:30 pm after a delay of over an hour .

During the delay , i was busy to looking at a very fashionable man which is wore all branded things from head to toe. He wore Hermes belt,  Rolex watch, LV jackets, Manohlo Blahnik shoes, Prada and LV sling bags, Versace luggage, Gucci glasses, and you know, he was carrying 4 pieces LV bag, maybe he just shopping apparently. And oh, once more, i can guess his parfume so well because my friend also wearing it. I could tell that he definitely uses Dior Poisson or can also Baccarat/Jean Patou ‘s Joy . Oh my .. i can`t imagine how crazy he is. I wonder why i can`t face this truth, is this a dream or whaatt? He can bought all that branded things while i just saving to buy for some? Haha. I think, a person like him, can only be found in the arena of catwalk or just read through the magazineor Chanel E!.  How come the God placing this man on earth?? Ouch , but i didn’t take his picture. Haha, nevermind . That was just an intermezzo.

Ok back to topic .
We already spent a day in Jakarta, and had now ready to face the next surprise in Surabaya. When i`m on the plane , i became more thankful that God connected me with all the delegates from all over Indonesia . I marvel at the power of God as looked at the sky and the flickering lights outside the window. Probe clouds at the end of the moon.

And you know what ? I can not wait to hear the pilot when we were riding GA 936 said firmly , ” Ladies and gentleman , we are now lower than 20,000 feet and landed in a ready to Juanda International Airport, Surabaya . Please pay attention for all of your luggage and go back to your seat . Fasten your seat belt and be ready for the landing . Thank for choosing us as your flying partner. Good night!

Here we go. Just a few minutes after landing.



Hallo Surabaya . I hope i can found my another sweet symphony.

(see you in part three) :))