The Road of Enlightenment


The children looked very ragged . They came to our groups while we had just got off the bus . My friends and i ignored them, they are looking like hostile .

It was also with the environment around us. During our journey, just seemed only a broad stretch of sand on our right and left side. Interspersed with some storied wooden house without a fence. I didn’t know how this journey will end.

This is because we have to move to a common bus – after passed Poipet-Aranyaphratet border. We left by bus we were supposed to because we were asked to face the imigration head. Then finally we got here, in this area that may not exist in back azzimute coloumn on map .

The ragged children closer. They give us a beautiful bracelet. Wow, its like, i found such like an oase, because this area can still welcomes tourists sweetly. My spirit up, although we didn’t have enough money to buy some foods even just bread .

Our bus will be leaving soon, and the rumpled look happy, they was approached. From their gesture , I knew they were asking for the loyalty, because they had given the accessories. I grabbed my friend’s arm, after knowing they cared by an adults who is having thought fierce .

They then followed us up at the bus door . The bus driver had asked us to submit some bills and yeah…we gave it! 

Well, so far we ‘ve wasted time about 10 hours. And we lose our tourist bus ticket because we already move to the bus we weren’t not supposed to. 

Meanwhile, the sky was getting dark and the bus driver realized that he tooks the wrong way! Finally we got off at a place, that far away from our destination, the Villa. Then a tuk-tuk driver named Ella, approached us and said that he was familiar with the villa. And yeah, they didn’t lie. 

We finally only ate an instant noodle. Raws it! And then ate like a mouse. Silently. Then we slept in silent and undecided. I wondered what happened the next day. 

We already deal with this trip. We didn’t have enough money anymore, but still, we have three main stocks; brain, mental, and intelligence to deal with any situations. We knew that. We also always to used it until entered the Vietnamese border. In which time, the imigration officer didn’t scanning my passport. Voila!


And this picture will always be my favourite. Its was memorable 🙂


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