Finding a Harmful Atmosphere at Abhayagiri Restaurant and Resort, Sumber Watu Heritage, Sleman, Yogyakarta

Some people might imagine to unwind in a quiet and calm place. A place away from the city’s hustle or car and motorcycle horns that played arbitrary (read: savage!). Wanna going into a place with warm natural nuance, and much of nature decoration as well.

Maybe this could be a right choice to visit. You could try to visit Abhayagiri Restaurant in Sumber Watu Heritage, Sleman. Its not quiet far from Ratu Boko palace, and only about 15 km from the 0 km (the center of Jogja). It’s easy to find, if you drive from Yogyakarta, please turn right at the junction before Prambanan market. Go straight to the south about 1-2 miles and then turn left at the signposts of Abhayagiri. Just follow the road guiding by the next signposts.

And voila! Finally you’ll arrive and feel the great feeling you’ve never felt before. For me, I felt the same aura as when i visited Amanjiwo Hotel in the district of Magelang, Central Java. This place offer a simple concept, but it giving us a beautiful view ever and nuance which makes it so exceptional.

Abhayagiri consists of three main rooms, the indoor dining room, semi-outdoor dining room, and a full outdoor dining room, with approximately 2,5 ha in total. For interior decoration, mostly dominated by natural materials such ebony and sengonThe tile itself, using ancient palace’s ceramic model named kuntji’ (which is very expensive). (ps: If you want to order the same tile, you can contact one of the existing stores behind Bakpia Pathuk 25 Pathuk store).

For outdoor furniture, dominated by rattan chairs and green grass carpet. There are several Buddha statues are placed in the corners of the stairs, also a rather large stupa in the middle of the yard. Oh, one more interesting thing of this place is the large chandelier shaped lanterns placing in various places. Also a kind of altar that leading to the edge of the cliff, where you can see the underlying beauty of Yogyakarta’s city from above.

Furthermore, the Abhayagiri also provides facilities such as hotels (coming soon)  and villas that have rates of about Rp 600.000 (USD 60) per nighta 50-years-old hall and a swimming pool ( Rp 150,000/USD 15).

Surrounded by wonderful green scenery, Sumberwatu Heritage is a heaven full of serene and peace best for relaxation and inspiration seeking!! And absolutely, this is a very recommended place to visit in. What a!

This place is suitable for anyone who wants to get an unforgettable experience from a city called….Yogyakarta.

Notes: Im not a paid note-person or an influencer, either :p

Couldn't explain more. Its more to my liking!

Couldn’t explain more. Its more to my liking!


abay luar

abhay kursi luar

abhay ano

abhay kolam

The pool

abhay aula

The 50-years old hall

abhay the entrance

The entrance to the main restaurant

abhaya dalam

The interior design

abhay am pm

AM:PM Mode

abhay lampi

Beuatiful chandeliers

abhay makan

A special one dinner set

abhay pengaturan

Parang Rusak and jasmine in every table

abhay tegel kuntji

A very exclusive tile named Kuntji

abhay jalan masuk

The entrance from the parking lot



Lets make a footprint here!

Lets make a footprint here!

Location : GPS Coordinate: S7°46’5.96″ E110°29’49.88″


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