How KINFOLK Are You?


Its been so long since i wrote the last article on September 2015. Seems like i don`t have enough time to do my usual ritual that commonly happened on the afternoon (writing!) due to the uncounted job description that make me busier and busier. Eerrgh.. ‘Thought my writing time was decreased, i do not leaving my other hobbies, yeah, reading, and this is why i would like to introduce you with my new favorite magazine: KINFOLK! (even i just borrowed it from my friend, haha!). Yeah, it is similar with FRANKIE or SEREAL, Magazine, but let me tell you the specification.

kinfolk 1

Kinfolk is a slow lifestyle magazine produced by Ouur that explores ways for readers to simplify their lives, i guess. Most of people say that everyone who actually interested with Kinfolk is having the same look: a rustic-chic sophistication that can turn any Mason jar into a centerpiece! Maybe, me too. But, maybe not. But, i could not agree more if Kinfolk is well-known because of its originality. It has been praised for its clean design and photographic aesthetic! Even in Japan, the magazine tapped a vein of enthusiasm there, it selling as many as 14,000 copies per issue of a magazine containing not one word of Japanese!

Kinfolk is a quarterly, 144-page, ad-free print magazine that collects ideas from a growing international community of artists, writers, designers, photographers, cooks and others who are interested in creating small gatherings and finding new things to make and do. The Saltwater Issue of Kinfolk explores one of the oldest and most universal seasonings and its natural habitat: the sea.

kinfolk 2

kinfolk 22

kinfolk 3

kinfolk 6

kinfolk 21

If you interested and would like to know more about this magazine, please get order. The basic price of this magazine is about 270 K rupiahs, or U$ 25. In Indonesia, you could find it in bookstore like Periplus, Books and Beyond, etc, or you could order it via online through (a trusted online bookstore in Indonesia), or via Kinokuniya if you are living in Singapore and surrounding it.

Well, lets having fun, and enjoy your truly holiday at the end of this year!

kinfolk 7

Grab the towel, dip your toes in and enjoy your next adventure, but please don`t forget your vitamin sea….