Spotting Guide in Changi Airport Singapore


Have you ever visit/transit to Singapore Changi Aiport Singapore (SG)? This airport named 2015 World’s Best Airport by travellers based on survey held by Skytrax.  This is also an international airport with more than 550 internet stations available across all terminals, it’s easy to stay connected. And… it is the 15th busiest airport in the world. It serves more than 51 million passengers a year! Im really amazed when I make my first arrival here. I began to see Changi as a reflection of Singapore’s mentality that I really came to appreciate the place. For sure, the mentality.

Well, I wouldn`t tell you about the airport facilities, or how you could having fun at Changi. I just want to tell you how you could get the best place to spotting! Wait..wait, spotting? Yeah, spotting that in term of brings a number of enjoyable elements for the participant, including getting outdoors, making meticulous observations, “collecting” without creating clutter, having a good excuse to use your really fancy digital camera equipment, and finding a great way to get together with like-minded enthusiasts.

Well, i`ve ever spent several hours at Changi just trying to find out several places that suit for airplane spotting! Here it goes.


1. View Mall in Terminal 1
The viewing mall is located on level 3, one floor above the departure hall. Escalators and lifts to the viewing mall are located at the centre of the Departure Hall.
Facilities: Restrooms, seating areas, water dispenser, air conditioning. Restaurants available nearby.
Opening Hours: Open 24 hours, admission is free. The most common airlines using central apron gates are AirAsia and Jetstar,

2. Aviation Gallery in Terminal 2
is located on level 3, one floor above the departure hall.
Opening Hours: 6am to midnight, admission is free.

3. Aviation Gallery in Terminal 3
Movements on 20R/02L, the main arrivals runway, are also readable!
This terminal 3 features exhibits and information on the flying operations of the airport.
Opening Hours: 6am to midnight, admission is free.

4. Transit Malls
The place (post-immigration) will offer you one of the best locations to spot, giving you close views of aircraft parked at the gates. But, there are different things to take note of in each terminal, as below :

Terminal 1 : Most of the panels have a slight tint except a few which are untinted
Terminal 2 : You can also see gate F31, the first gate to be A380-ready, and its three jetways from here. The gate right next to the glass sees only A320 and B737s, but even then their wingtips come close to the glass
Terminal 3 : Down here you can see 20R/02L movements, as well as planes parked at the gates in front of the glass. The A380 parks at the A-gates in front of the glass every day.


Well, if you are going to go another place in Singapore for spotting especially for spot aircraft arriving on runway 20R and 20C, may you could also go the Changi Beach Park. Check the weather report before heading to the location to avoid disappointment. Happy spotting, people!

photo from: and Michael Gronow