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Do you know about Tegel Kunci? This is one of the unique things that you could find in Yogyakarta and the factory already establish since 1927 and strated operated in 16 Desember 1929 by using Firma Tegel Fabrik “ Midden Java” for its name and founded by Louis Maria Stocker dan Jules Gerrit Commane.

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In 1942, Liem Ing Hwie was being the head of this factory because switch Louis Maria and Jules Gerit were leaving Indonesia and back to Netherland due to Japan colonial era. And since 20 juni 1963, the local government in Yogyakarta transformed its name into ‘Pabrik Tegel dan Beton Tjap Kunci and in 1997, this factory is under the command of Matta Art & Craft until now and has already been produced more than 100 motifs and design.

Tegel kuntji is kind of legendary interior elements that now is still used as the main material in the interior of the room. It created manually with dye substances imported from the Netherlands.

This kind of floor is very beautiful and even thus could impress of collaboration between traditional and modern. In its first era, the factory used to be located in Pathuk, Jl. KS. Tubun 95, (about 5 km from Malioboro) but now is closed, or no longer exist. This place is moving into Jalan Pakuningratan no.70, one of the central regions in Yogyakarta (near Tugu).

This floor are also made from a mixture of cement and sand. There are various colors and designs with the size of the 30×30 cm or 40×40 cm and various colors that suits with your need. These are several appearance when tegel kunci applied for beautify the interior design.


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rooang.com (kitchen decoration)

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kunci 4thaneohthane.blogspot.com

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If you want to order this tile, let me show you the price list. Here it goes and well, happy hunting!

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