IMO : Top 6 Fall and Winter Outfits!


Fall is coming, and then winter is yet to come. New season calls for new trends, and you’ll want to show off all your new of the moment pieces that you just bought instead of paying rent and bills. So, wondering what to put on your shopping list for fall and winter session?

I grab some photos about fall fashion style that maybe suits to look for inspiration. I love the classic one so I put the style that related to my own taste: Simply Chic. And thus [:Chic] has become just as major as the runway shows themselves.

Here it goes, feast your eyes on these 6 gorgeous spreads based on my perspective and taste. 😀

fall outfiit

  1. Put a lil` color on it, i.e the ocean green. Then you will truly becomes the center of attention.

fall outfiittt

2. You never can go wrong with brown color. Everything become fantastic and look classy if you put this color on your own. Bring some accesories, like a tote bag to complete your style!

fall outfit

3. What a perfect style if all the nuance is in the same tone! There`s a little point that you should never forget : the sun glasses and the earing! \

fall outfitt

4. Again and again, the same tone would make you look like amazing! Put a bit motif on your scarf to create a sophisticated appearance.

fall outfittt

5. This is clothes that inspire comfort and confidence. Impeccable design, attention to detail, timeless silhouettes and high-quality fabrics. Love the wool clothes design.

fffall outfiittt

6. Used some shade of burgundy or marsala, and, aha… you are ready to go!

Well, it`s up to you to create your best appearance. Maybe, at some point, become a Fashionista is a game for girls (or young lady) like us where you can take care of your own. Just trust your self and maximize your taste to build your own character through what you wear. One of the best “how to dress” quote that i adore is came from the Vogue`s Chief Editor named Ana Wintour,

‘If you can’t be better than your competition, just dress better.’

Happy shopping, fellas…


photo: harper bazaar, cosmopolitan