Short Review About SKYE Bar and Restaurant, Jakarta : Indonesia`s Highest Restaurant


I`m sure people who love to spend their free time for hang out in social lounge, I.e roof top restaurant, bar, or something like that, have already know about this place, SKYE. It is located in Menara BCA on 56th floor, Jl. MH. Thamrin, Central Jakarta. You could entrance via Grand Indonesia Mall (West Mall) and just go to Gramedia Bookstore in the 3rd floor to find special elevator for guest to reach 56th floor, or the other way, you also can go from the lobby of BCA tower.

Then, while you just arrive at 56th floor, you would welcomed by the natural ambience that bring to you by the interior design. SKYE has the impressive contemporary design features extensive use of natural materials, with timber paneled walls and ceilings, raw concrete ceiling beams and pillars, and the widespread use of stonework on interior walls which adds texture to the surfaces.

skye entrance

Yeah! A pleasant surprise because i find a high-end restaurant is my impression when I came here for the first time. And now, after i`ve already visit for about 5 or more times, I think I have to write a bit review about this place. This place consists of two areas, the restaurant and the bar (roof top). If you want to go there just for dine in the restaurant, you are capable to wore any cloths and without minimum order for the menu. But, if you want to go to the bar, you have to dressed-up and wears no sandal, except on Sunday.

skye the restaurant


If you ask me which area that I love the most, absolutely I will choose the bar one. Why? Although its a bit pricey, I still adore the ambience, the atmosphere, the welcoming staff as well. This place always make good sense to come back, just for the sake of seeing the capital city from the 56th floor. But, this area will close if there is a hint of rain. If the weather is good, head to Skye Bar if you just want a chill night out.


skye 2.jpg

skyee bar 2

Actually, this bar is suit for just snacking and warming up your body, but not for dinner dating. It`s too crowded and sometime it will makes you do not capable to enjoy the situation.

What can I say for the food and drink? The food and drinks are just standard, nothing special on several items. If you don`t like any sour taste of your beverage, please dont order Forget Me Forget Me Not, like I did. 😦 But I found a special taste in chicken wings menu and also tape creme brulee, a french dessert.


Forget Me Not mocktail ( IDR 45 K

Well, over all, I always enjoyed to the fullest every time I visit SKYE. It`s simply worth it for its great view, I just want to share with all of you how great the scenery is. Because….. it was the only reason i come back to this place…. 😀

Screenshot from 2016-01-15 22:32:35

Have a great day!