Hello Late 20`s

late 20`sNo matter if you start or go along with other people. But, you have to make the decision on your own. Your self driven should be talk louder. (pic: theoldmotor.com)

It such a wonderful feeling to know that you are in the late of 20`s. At the same time, maybe you feel badly when the people around you ask the same questions (especially Indonesian) : When will you marry? I know it`s quite sensitive to talk about this topic but I write this for some reasons.

Well, as I know, marriage is not similar with running championship. IMHO you can`t just meet somebody, getting closer with and decide to married few months or years later. Even you can`t depend on something abstract named love.

If the only reason and the only word you`ve got is you just love him, then you are wrong. If you think you could help yourself to come out of that situation, you would never make it happen. If you need something to raise yourself as the way before, then you have to forget him, immediately. You can`t live with a border called love. Please don`t limit yourself with something that even can`t be well describing. Something that really hard to know, because love is not something we could always trusted in.

Don`t waste your time to a ridiculous thing. You do not have to obey yourself and use your heart the most. Something you just need is to pull yourself through logic. Seems you don`t want this happened. Seems that you`ll be willing to let the time bring it own signs and tragedies, to answer of all your curiousness in the right time (which never ever come in your life).

Simple question that haunted me for the last six days : do love guarantee a loyalty? Do love will make us into something better or not? Or its just for having fun? Another epic, a paraphrase of loneliness? Please, come on, you are not living around ten thousand BC era.

Ok, it just enough for explaining what love is about.

Maybe you and me have to emphasized, love is not enough to build a relationship. You have to find something incredible of the person you thinking most of the time. Please make sure that the person is someone that consist several highlight: You know that they won`t forget you, you know that they always care about you and supported almost of your opinions. You know that they know how to treat you, sadly, badly, or happily. They never saying that they loving you, but they showed it.

Find someone who makes you believe in your capabilities. Find someone who always tell the truth about how bad your performance or how bad your attitude. Find someone who not only accept you as you are, but someone who always try to make you to be what you are capable of becoming.

Well, you know, it such pretty hard to find someone like that. But it is just an assumption, right? Don`t ever making any judgement before you try to find it by yourself. There`s a lot of chance and horizon you have to explore. There`s no impossible thing unless you struggle and play hard to reach it. If people tell you there`s only 5% wise man in the world that suit with your criteria, then so what? Why you never wake up, stand up, achieved something incredible by your own and try to find them some? 5% is more than you imagine before. Just develop yourself, your skill, your eagerness to valued someone, and let the time do their responsibilities, sooner or later. You don`t need to worry about. Or, the choice to be married or not, is totally depend on you. If you decide that you won`t get married, then so what? If you think it will makes you happier, just do it. Don’t let someone disturb what you believed.

*ps : i`m not picky, I`m just know what I want