Spotting Guide in Changi Airport Singapore

Have you ever visit/transit to Singapore Changi Aiport Singapore (SG)? This airport named 2015 World’s Best Airport by travellers based on survey held by Skytrax.  This is also an international airport with more… Continue reading

Nothing Could Go Wrong With Natural Element!

I do always love the natural element, for this case is interior design. It takes me into a good mood and feeling. When i was 10 years old, my father often took me… Continue reading

How KINFOLK Are You?

Hello! Its been so long since i wrote the last article on September 2015. Seems like i don`t have enough time to do my usual ritual that commonly happened on the afternoon (writing!)… Continue reading

A Good Reminder..

Two years has passed. I embrace all memory that we have gone through in Kuala Lumpur into this simple book. I believe that someday, our memories will fade away. And might be that… Continue reading

Finding a Harmful Atmosphere at Abhayagiri Restaurant and Resort, Sumber Watu Heritage, Sleman, Yogyakarta

Some people might imagine to unwind in a quiet and calm place. A place away from the city’s hustle or car and motorcycle horns that played arbitrary (read: savage!). Wanna going into a… Continue reading

Stay With Me, Won’t You?

In the hue and screaming out of a party scene, I was able to find a shade that is no longer vague. Behind the high buildings and crowded streets, within a day finally… Continue reading

The Road of Enlightenment

The children looked very ragged . They came to our groups while we had just got off the bus . My friends and i ignored them, they are looking like hostile . It… Continue reading

Best Ever Song Lyric: MARS IMYEP 2013!

Well, during my program (IMYEP 2013), my friend named Ali, from Gorontalo, made a beautiful song. This song is always accompanying many moments. Just give me a chance to show you the lyric:… Continue reading

We are The Ambassador of Indonesia (Indonesia-Malaysia Youth Exchange Program 2013)_Part 4_

Thursday, August 29, 2013 Thursday, August 29th, 2013 is a thrilling day as well as pride for us. How not , the day is when we will undergo our first day as Indonesian… Continue reading

Mount Bromo, A Peak of Memories ( Indonesia – Malaysia Youth Exchange Program ) _ Part 3_

With her trade mark uniform , the flight attendants of Garuda Indonesia courteously greeted us at the front cabin that afternoon. Our flight, GA 936, has just landed smoothly at Juanda International Airport, Surabaya, a… Continue reading

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    "Berkarya dalam desain baju itu berusaha menciptakan identitas dengan menemukan moodboard yang sesuai dengan diri kita: tone, taste, dan karakter. Karena merancang sebuah busana itu berkaitan erat dengan kepribadian dan seperti merancang bangunan atau tempat. Dalam membuat sketsa, bisa pergunakan yg simpel dan basic, sret, sret, sret aja udah. Tp matangkan banget di proses dan produksinya nanti," kata Lulu Lutfi Labibi dalam sebuah
private workshop. Thank you for the opportunity mas @lululutfilabibi
It means a lot!
Story on my blog :
#randomsketch #amatiran #clothes #design #clothesdesign #indonesia #kebaya #kebayadesign #brocade #inspiration #accessories #clothing Koridor rektorat jaman now. Masih enggak berubah dari pertama menginjakkan kaki. Cuma sekarang ruangan2nya lebih rapi. Yang membedakan hanya kalau melintas di sini pas pagi dan malam hari aja...sih
#heritage #gedung #heritage #Indonesia #pesonaindonesia #jogja #yogyakarta #yogya #culture #instapict #picoftheday #saturday Classic. 
Bangunan Kantor Pusat UGM diresmikan oleh Presiden Soekarno dan saat itu konon dianggap sebagai bangunan modern pertama di Indonesia. Hingga saat ini fungsinya pun masih sama yakni sebagai Kantor Pusat (Rektorat) kampus. Ayo siapa yg dulu suka wi-fian gratis di sini??
Seringkali jg banyak cerita berseliweran yang terdengar soal gedung ini. Seperti 'Udah malam, apa udah tahu?'
#heritage #gedung #heritage #Indonesia #pesonaindonesia #jogja #yogyakarta #yogya #culture #instapict #picoftheday #saturday Another heroin and imboost, though
. .
#travel #tourism #sukuhtemple #explorejava #centraljava #semarang #pesonaindonesia #indonesia #sukuh #karanganyar #temple #throwbacksunday #panorama #scenery #nature
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