Best Ever Song Lyric: MARS IMYEP 2013!

Well, during my program (IMYEP 2013), my friend named Ali, from Gorontalo, made a beautiful song. This song is always accompanying many moments. Just give me a chance to show you the lyric:… Continue reading

We are The Ambassador of Indonesia (Indonesia-Malaysia Youth Exchange Program 2013)_Part 4_

Thursday, August 29, 2013 Thursday, August 29th, 2013 is a thrilling day as well as pride for us. How not , the day is when we will undergo our first day as Indonesian… Continue reading

Mount Bromo, A Peak of Memories ( Indonesia – Malaysia Youth Exchange Program ) _ Part 3_

With her trade mark uniform , the flight attendants of Garuda Indonesia courteously greeted us at the front cabin that afternoon. Our flight, GA 936, has just landed smoothly at Juanda International Airport, Surabaya, a… Continue reading

The Journey Miles Begin with One Step (Indonesia – Malaysia Youth Exchange Program) _Part 2_

I always remember the date and the time. That day, Saturday, August 24th, 2013, Malaysian delegation was come and join the Indonesian delegation to undergo phase in Jakarta . We had moved from… Continue reading

Hey, This is Us! – Indonesia Malaysia Youth Exchange Program 2013 ( Part 1 )

Well. I always believe strengthened of the magic phrase : ‘Scripta Manent, Verba Volant: ” Our words will fade away , but if you write it , it will last forever. ” That’s… Continue reading

There`s Always Be Another Country

” Sorry i have not had time to join yet, these days there are so many affairs , ” That was the content of a message from him at that time . Well,… Continue reading

Wattaya Think About …………This??

You know, this paper is not to respond to the dispute between Indonesia and Australia that are now hot going . I just want to tell you one thing . It’s nothing ,… Continue reading

Photography 101: Your Workflow, Part I

Originally posted on The Daily Post:
In her Photography 101 tutorial, Leanne Cole introduced us to the basics of image editing, using tools in Adobe Photoshop. As we mentioned, you don’t have to…

Life is About Spontaneous Things

Sometimes, I was the one who really like the philosophy. And Lao Tzu, was a Chinese philosopher which all his words can fascinate me. He is one of my favorites. There are four… Continue reading

My new significant addict! (Priyo Oktaviano Project)

A cloth is able to reflect one’s image . There’s an old saying that do not judge a person from his clothes . I think the sentence is ambiguous . How not? When… Continue reading